Let Your Motor Purr

Let Your Motor Purr

Work with a motor repair company today

The motor is the heart of your car. If it's not working properly, you could find yourself stranded on the side of the road. When you suspect motor problems, turn to Lafayette Auto. We can work on any type of motor and get you back on the road quickly. If you need motor repair, reach out to us right away to get a free estimate.

Top signs your motor is damaged

You may not want to take your car into a mechanic unless it's absolutely necessary. But if your motor is breaking down, you shouldn't wait to get it fixed.

You may have a damaged motor if you:

  • Hear a strange noise coming from your car
  • Smell an odd odor from inside your car
  • See smoke coming from your exhaust

Have you noticed any of the above signs? Schedule an appointment with our team of professional mechanics right away.